What is sculptra?

By definition sculptra is the ointment or in other words it is the kind of dermal filler which is applied to skin. Chemically it is poly-L-lactic acid and is abbreviated as PLLA. Many different pharmaceuticals are required to get approval from the FDA and this specific ointment under consideration is approved by FDA.

This medicine is manufactured by the Dermik Pharmaceuticals, which is famous in business conduction of Aventis dermatology especially in North America. In this way it runs the global dermatology unit of Aventis and has a world over known recognition.

The acceptance and recognition of Sculptra was made by FDA in 2004. The medicine is basically designed for treatment of skin problems of various kinds. Basically the problem which is cured the best by this medicine is the facial fat loss. This treatment is also called as the facial lipo-atrophy. However other related functions of this medicine are being studied and research is being done on these functions and new aspects as well.

Usually the facial fat loss treatments are required by those people who have accumulated fats especially on their cheeks, around their eyes and temples. Sometimes people with HIV infection also develop fats on various areas of their faces. Usually the method of applying this ointment is that it is injected into the skin in those areas where fat is required to be lost. Ultimately the medicine called Sculptra causes the neo synthesis of the collage tissue and helps in the thickening of skin and fat is lost consequently.

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