Today we can find over 25 million people in this country who have warts.  They are not caused by frogs or toads as we can read in the story book we have for our children. The warts are growths on the human skin which can be caused by the human papillomavirus family. You can pass warts with indirect or direct contact in place such as public shower sails, locker rooms, swimming pool and gymnasium mats.

They come in all shapes and sizes and they are able to turn up on different parts of the body because wart I a raised, grayish-looking painless growth. We can find flat warts which the difference between them and all others is that these are smooth, slightly elevated and flesh-colored. Interesting thing about treating with warts is that, the best way to manage with them is to leave them alone so they can manage themselves.

There are very much widely proclaimed methods to eliminate warts and there is no a single predictably effective remedy.  The treatment that the doctors will use about warts will depends upon your age, the sizes and numbers of warts you want to treat and the location of your warts. The warts can be chemically destroyed using various types of plasters, acids, and other chemicals.

There is also cantharidin, a drug that the dermatologists paint, and after the application of this remedy, it forms a swelling under the wart in a week of ten to twelve days. But, one of the latest models of therapy that is helping with removing the warts is the pulsed dye laser which is very powerful and selectively destroys the nutrient blood vessels the support the infected cells that carry the wart virus.

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