Some facts about restylane

Sometimes same products are manufactured by the same manufacturer under different names. This case is also followed in Restylane Perlane which is almost similar products, but these are made differently. The substance which is used in the making of these substances is also the same. This also confirms their similarity.

The main ingredient which is used in the formation of these products is hyaluronic acid. However there may lie some of the morphological differences and physical nature of these two products.

Usually the particle size of Perlane is much bigger as compared to Restylane. For the same reason Perlane is often injected a little deeper into the body. Therefore the needle which is used for its injection is also bigger. On the other hand larger particles as present in Restylane allow more space and volume for expansion.

Photo: Ambro/

Photo: Ambro/

Therefore there arises a need to create more diffuse volume. That is why this product is used for treatment of facial parts. Usually Restylane Perlane is used for chin contouring, for correcting the fold effects of the nasolabial layers and sometimes also increasing the volume of lips.

Out of the two injected Restylane Perlane products the latter is considered more effective and it lasts for a longer time. Another reason for the retention of this product is that it is injected in bigger chunks. However there may be some side effects related with the injection of these products is that there may appear a feeling of lumpiness on skin. That is why it is preferred not to apply it under the eyes and similar areas.

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