Removing cellulites

Cellulite is a skin change that occurs mostly in women in their thigh region, hips and belly. Skin changes and take the shape like a lumpy cheese. It is caused mainly due to storage of fats under the muscle in an abnormal form. More than 90 percent of cellulite cases are registered in women. Main reason for this is the genetic and muscular make up of women.

Areas Prone To Cellulite

    • Lower belly
    • Area around the neck
    • Arms above the elbow
    • Upper thigh
    • Hips

Few of methods of removing cellulites are as under

  • Start taking a healthy cellulite diet.
  • Use cellulite creams.
  • Start doing exercises which specific to removing cellulites.
  • Try going through a massage treatment as it regulates the blood flow.
  • Consult your plastic surgeon and get advice on liposuction of the specific area.
Photo: marin/

Photo: marin/

Methods being practiced by plastic surgeons are:-

  • Mesotherapy – It involves the procedure for increasing blood flow around specific are by physical injection of a compound.
  • Lippo Dissolve – Lippo dissolve is an injection that is injected at the infected area and helps to dissolve the dead fats and normalizes the blood flow.

Cellulite usually develops in five stages and first symptoms appear in the 2nd or 3rd stage. Removing cellulites is easier if you go to a plastic surgeon for a minor surgery. Whereas, it can also be cured without surgery, but that requires lot of will power and regularity.

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