Recognizing acne

Acne is more common for teen age group people. Ten out of eight would be getting this Acne problem in their skin. This due to over production of oil by the oil gland, it could be cured by consulting the physician or dermatologist. The reason for this skin problem is hormonal changes. For the boys the reason for girl’s menstrual period, pregnancy and birth control pills. After the treatment, this skin problem would be disappearing from the skin. The treatment takes three to four month’s time.

When the Acne takes place in the skin, the skin would be dark, for some people. Some people would be feeling like a pimple. The patient should not rub on that portion. They should not scratch on that portion. They should not pick if it is cleanable. They should consult only doctors for this problem. The patients would be suggested to use some soap, which is already available in the market. The famous company is producing soap for this problem. Many people got their cure by using that soap.

Cleaning the skin and makeup on the face could control this skin problem. This skin problem could also affect people in the age group of thirty to forty. After, forty five years there is no chance for people to have this skin problem. The reason is the oil glad produces more oil only up to forty years.

Photo: SweetCrisis/

Photo: SweetCrisis/

The oil glad could be controlled. The oil would be produced to required quantity of the body, after taking the regular medicines, and following the dictation of the doctor. By checking the skin changes, a patient could find out that he is affected by the oil gland over production. Extreme stress also causes this problem.

Many people get this skin problem only in the face, and not in the other parts of the body. In that time, they could use conditioned shampoo bath to remove the white heads, and black heads caused by this oil gland. The problem is temporary, but during the problem time, the patient’s skin would look ugly, and they also feel unwanted pain in that affected area of the skin. The health soaps and health shampoos are available for them to get cure without consulting doctor, when they realize the problem because of the oil gland. Even doctors may not send their patients to any test. The doctors are well aware once they see the skin is affected with this problem.

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