Ingrown toenail

Yes, it very bad for looking and disgusting also but that’s the way it is the only thing that left is to lear something about it and prevent it the next time. That thing on your nail is an Onychocryptosis or ingrown toenail which is common nail decease that is very painful in which the nail is growing and cutting on the both sides of the nail bed.

The disease starts from a microbial inflammation and next we have granuloma which leads to the result nail buried inside the granuloma.

As we know, the first symptoms are pain on the margins of the nail and that gets even worse when we are wearing tight footwear and it feels every movement. Important thing to say at this point is that ingrown nail became very easily affected unless you apply special care to the nail and you can notice that by the redness and swelling around the area. Now we are at the point where we want to know what causes this disease, so here are some of them:

Photo: ponsulak/

Photo: ponsulak/

The first is obviously bad nail care and including cutting them too much. Next are Ill-fitting shoes which some of these are narrow or too short and the third one is the bacteria infection on your nails which is treatable with antibiotics. The ingrown nails can be avoided by cutting the nails straight across and injury also can cause for the nail to grow abnormally.

If you don’t care about your nails a surgery will be the only choice for you. This disease is not a game, be serious and responsible for your actions and do the best for you.

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