Heal cracks

Obviously every who will read this article will find out that is not the only one who is having this problem and wants to search for great solution as soon as possible. The heel cracks are a problem that everyone is facing today. About 18 million adults and one in every seven women deals with this problem and suffer from cracked heels and this is a result of a very dry skin so the heels are continually subjected to pressure and friction.

Here’s some advice you can use to prevent your heels to crack. Soak your injured feet in a moisturized bath for 30 minutes, apply the soothing, emollient the foot cream that will definitely soften the heels and prevent infection. These creams are very good for your heels because, with only two or three applies of this cream will relive all the symptoms of dry heels.

Another method of treatment you can use is with good foot file for sanding down dry skin. The best way to stay out of cracked heals is to keep callouses thinned out, but if you are overweight, you have bigger chances to have heel cracks. Always clean your heels with the foot file because I’s one of the best method to be used against the cracks on the heels. Don’t ask for a surgical operation because it’s not necessary.

I would like to share some instructions and factors about what causes the heel cracks: prolonged standing, open back of your shoes especially in the winter, being overweight is a problem because of the pressure increase under the heel causing to expand sideways.  Also, the last of them all, the skin conditions such as: eczema and psoriasis are one of the many options connected with heel cracks.


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