Hardened foot soles

You’ve must wondered some time in your life why we have hardened soles on our feet and why do we get that? It’s all because of Hyperkeratosis. This is a process which part of your foot’s skin develops into calluses, or hard, dry, think skin due to constant friction and excessive pressure.

Hyperkeratosis isoften compared to abnormality of the keratin and increasing the granular layer.

Calluses are able to develop on the sole, foot, heel or the underside of the big toe. The abnormal metatarsal bones have people with high arches or flat feet, poorly aligned bones structure which results with great pressure when walk. Another thing which can contribute to the hardened soles on your feet is the improper shoes such as high-heeled shoes or small because the skin rubs against the shoe which creates constant painful friction.

Photo: Simon Howden/freedigitalphotos.net

Photo: Simon Howden/freedigitalphotos.net

Toe deformities such as hammer toe are increasing the pressure of the toes. We can’t forget about the middle-aged people and carrying heavy weight contributes a lot to increase the pressure on the feet. But, if you ask me, barefoot walking is the most common mistake we make when we are talking about hardened soles on feet.

This is a very common thing because we have a lot of activities we can’t skip and don’t enough time to take care about ourselves and for our feet.  This can be caused by vitamin A deficit or chronic arsenic exposure and can be treated with urea containing creams which are helping by dissolving the intercellular matrix of the stratum corneum cells promoting desquamation of scaly skin. You can read a lot of articles about hardened soles which can be found on our feet.

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