Foot fungi

Do you have an experience with Foot fungi? A foot Fungus or Foot fungus is a type of infection that we can find it in two different ways: infections of the skin (or famous by the name Athlete’s foot) or infections of the nails (Onychomycosis). The fungal infections usually appear on the top layer of the skin nails or hair, which are usually caused by a group of fungi called dermophytes. For those who doesn’t know fungi are plant organisms and when fungus invades the foot, it multiplies and feeds from keratin which is a protein in our skins cells and nails. Some fungus may be a sign of an immune deficiency problem, but most of the foot fungus is not life-threatening.

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that appears on the feet, between the toes, on the side of the foot or on the soles and it can cause discomfort as the feet itch and become flaky and dry. Toenail fungus is a decease which is progressive that is most of the situations ignored because the lack of pain and other symptoms.

The initial stage can last for years which are a plenty of time for the infection to grow and spread and the infection is usually located under the nail. Some of the Foot fungus symptoms are: burning, itching, Red, cracked skin or skin that is peeling, Development of small blisters or stinging sensation. We can be infected by fungus in places such as: swimming pools, public showers, locker rooms and etc.

The foot fungus treatment depends on which type of fungi you have, but there are options such as: Prescription antifungal powder, Prescription drugs, Avoiding tight hosiery or improper footwear, proper cleaning of feet daily and a lot more.

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