Clavus can be taken care of

Do you have problems with Clavus? This is a corn, circumscribed, small horny formation of callosity usually above the toes, averaging a pea in size. I know you all know remembered of this thing that bothers you.

It’s thickening of the skin because of the intermittent pressure and frictional forces which result in hyperkeratosis histologicaly and clinically Well, I would like to tell you that is way to remove it and I will share it. When we are having a problem with clavus, we should be concerned about reducing the symptoms such as discomfort at walking and of course pain.

Paring the lesions immediately helps and relieves pain so they can be maintained in this state if the patient uses pumice stone debridement and short soaks at home. The most effective for reducing thick lesions are the self-adhesive pad and medicaments, lotions and creams are the best for maintance and the last procedure for removal is the carbon dioxide laser for a deep lesions.

Photo: satit_srihin/

Photo: satit_srihin/

If you want to reduce the friction completely, you should use silicone-lined sleeves on the toes or collagen injections. The Clavus definitely not looks good when it appears and I can a sure that is painful too.

It can appears on locations such as: Thumb, Callosity on the forehead, Callosities over the palmar metacarpophalangeal joints, Hyperkeratosis over the knuckles, Hyperkeratosis over the knuckles, First finger on dominant hand, Feet of course, Lip, hand, or foot of a newborn, Lip, hand, or foot of a newborn and etc. But, as we know, the most common sites for Clavus formation are the feet, especially the fifth toe and under the metatarsal heads for calluses.

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