What is levonorgestrel?

Emergency contraception pills are the pills which can be used to prevent pregnancy immediately following unprotected sexual intercourse or a fertile inter course. When a woman thinks that she can become pregnant after a sexual intercourse is the best time when she should consider using it. These pills are hormonal way of controlling pregnancy. These are made up of various types of agents they are the levonorgestrel and the estrogen-progestin. The average chances of a woman getting pregnant after the second week of cycle is 8% but after taking a levonorgestrel pill it reduces to only 2%. The fertilized egg takes around 5 days to get implanted in the uterus lining of the woman.

The exact operation of levonorgestrel is unknown and depends upon the time of use during the menstrual cycle. During the beginning it disrupts the maturation of the follicles and prevents ovulation or the formation of ovules. After the formation of the ovules the pills disrupt the fertilization process and prevent the implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterus lining of the woman. The pills cannot help if unprotected sex is done at any later stage of the menstrual cycle, it can only help in delaying the pregnancy and to stop it women have to take the contraceptive pills daily. They are not effective once the pregnancy s established or the implantation has occurred. They do not affect the fetus in case the fail in their work and the never protect from the sexually transmitted diseases like the AIDS.

Most of the women are confused about when they should take the levonorgestrel pills. The sooner one takes the pills the better it is for them. Their efficiency reduces with delay in time so it should be taken as early as possible to have maximum efficiency.  In some cases it has acted efficiently up to 5 days but after that they have never worked for anyone. The fist pill should be taken within 72 hrs of having sex and the second one after a time gap of 12 hrs. But now days it is recommended to take two pills of levonorgestrel within 72 hours of having unprotected sexual intercourse. But women who take pills after the recommended time period should be told that the pills may not be effective as the pregnancy might have started.  A copper IUD is a better option in their case.

The levonorgestrel pills can be taken by every woman even those with some health problems. They should be taken as recommended by the doctor and should not be exceeded. Taking more pills than the recommended number, will not increase the efficiency of the pills but will lead to side effects like nausea. The menstrual cycle will come earlier or later after taking the pills but if they come after 7 days or if the cycle doesn’t start within 3 weeks of taking the pill then the woman might have got pregnant and should visit a doctor for medication.

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