Testing for chlamyida

Chlamydia is a common sexually transmitted disease which is caused by bacteria whose scientific name is bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis. Unfortunately, it is one of the most commonly reported and usually affects more women than men. the infection usually occurs on the cervix in women and affects the rectum in members of both genders.

Since it usually does not manifest itself in a major way though symptoms, it is possible for it to remain untreated and consequently, result in various health-related problems later. Testing for Chlamydia is therefore essential and these tests usually incorporate a sample of urine of body fluid from the affected area. These tests are emphasized more for women than men due to their increased susceptibility. Women are encouraged to go for regular testing for chlamydia as soon as they are sexually active and especially so if they are engaged in sexual behavior which carries high risk. Women with symptoms for a cervical infection and also those with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease are also encouraged to get tested urgently.

In men, symptoms may be manifested in experiencing a burning sensation when urinating. The testicles may also be tender and swollen in addition to some discharge from the penis that you may notice on underwear.

Testing for Chlamydia is a relatively easy process though in the case of women, it is advised to avoid using vaginal creams or douching 24 hours before testing. For both sexes, testing for Chlamydia is most effective when the individual does not urinate at least 2 hours before a urine sample is taken.

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