The human history is replete with instances of events, some historical and some mythical about the sexual prowess of men. In mythology names like Atlas and Hercules are prime examples of this concept associated with man. And who could turn a blind eye to the sexual exploits of Casanova, Rasputin and of Lord Byron. All these men were considered the epitome of sexual grace , charm and power. And the other aspect, the loss of sexual power even in the twentieth century is a badge of shame for any one who dares call himself a man.

Some odd thirty years ago impotence was considered a psychological rather than a physical problem, and hence cures for it were sought in unravelling the mysteries of the conscious and the unconscious mind. Stress whether domestic or work related was thought to be the main cause of impotence, for many years.

But today we know better that though some but not all the problems associated with impotence, or more appropriately, as it is referred to today as male erectile dysfunction, is a medical illness.  And these researchers and doctors have been successful in pin pointing the physical/medical causes of male impotence.

According to them impotence can be the result of a number of factors, chiefly, hormonal imbalance in the body; long abuse of drugs like cocaine, heroin and marijuana; chain smoking and other medications, like ace inhibitors, anti-depressants, anti-psychotic drugs etc.

Photo: anankkml/

Photo: anankkml/

And as it is a medical problem so drugs have been produced to combat it. Viagra, the wonder pill is the latest addition to this long list. Other solutions are Penile injections; Urethral inserts; vacuum therapy; Penile implants and surgery.

Impotence apart from giving rise to many physical and mental problems is also one of the main causes of rise of crime in the society. As the sociologists have discovered that this loss of sexual power by man gives rise to many social issues. One of them and perhaps the most important being domestic violence, while another related cause is the rise in the rate of divorce world wide.

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