Nicotine nasal spray

Nicotine nasal spray is in a class of medications called smoking cessation aids. This spray is aerosolized contained in a spray pump. It works by providing nicotine to your body to decrease the withdrawal symptoms, when you stop smoking. The nicotine nasal spray also reduces the urge to smoke.

It comes in liquid form which can be sprayed into the nose. And as the nicotine is delivered to the user by spraying it into the nostrils, hence, it is easily absorbed by the nasal membranes inside the nose. It delivers the nicotine “hit” much more quickly than other nicotine replacement therapies, like for instance, the patch or the gum. As it is rapidly absorbed by by the nasal membranes, therefore, the nicotine nasal spray is very attractive to highly dependent smokers.

But before you use the nicotine nasal spray, you must first consult your doctor and use it only if he recommends it. The normal dosage is five doses per hour or forty doses per day (24 hours). It is also a normal practice that its usage is gradually decreased with time; this time is spread over over four to six weeks. This decrease in dose is necessary because if the use of this spray is not checked, it is highly addictive and may lead to addiction as bad as smoking itself.  It is for this very reason that its usage must be monitored by your doctor. As a safeguard against abuse these nicotine nasal sprays are  available by prescription only.

The nicotine nasal spray have some side effects as well. These side effects include, irritation of the nose and throat, watering eyes, sneezing and cough. However these side effects subside after the first week of use in most cases.

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