Nicotine laser therapy

Smoking is the single most preventable cause of death all over the world. According to statistics an estimated 5.4 million smokers and approximately 53,000 thousand passive smokers ( people who are not smokers themselves but inhale the fumes of cigarettes ) fall seriously ill to such life threatening ailments as angina, asthma and die due to them, annually.

Teenagers and pregnant women run the highest risk of being directly and/or indirectly effected by this habit. It is estimated that between 80,000 to 100,000 children world wide start smoking daily, and about half of these children live in Asia. It is amazing and shocking to note that every eight seconds someone dies of a tobacco related diseases like lung cancer or suffers a heart attack.

Doctors and researchers have been trying to find out the best cure for this habit and they have during the course of their painstaking research and laboratory experiments come up with many drugs and psychological treatments to combat this menace but not with much success. As statistics show that the addiction to tobacco is more hard to quit than even heroin, and about 95% of the patients after quitting return to smoking again.

It is a clinically proven fact that where all other therapies/treatments, like replacement treatments ( patch, gum, inhalers) and drugs ( Zyban, Wellburtin, Chantix ) have failed and the patients undergoing these treatments have started smoking again, the nicotine laser therapy has by far emerged the most effective treatment to quit smoking.

During this low level (soft) therapy sessions laser energy, which is no more powerful than a light bulb, is applied to energy points of our body. These energy points are on our face, ears, hands and wrists. These energy points have nerve endings directly connected with the nicotine addiction.

Photo: Grant Cochrane/

Photo: Grant Cochrane/

The nicotine laser therapy helps promote the release of endorphins in our body. Endorphins are the brains natural feel good chemicals that relieve stress, tension, depression and anxiety some of the most important causes of starting smoking again after giving it up for a reasonable span of time.

The low level nicotine laser therapy has been highly effective in helping people to give up smoking because it is safe, painless and drug free. Nicotine laser therapy makes it easier for the patient to to cope with addiction, withdrawal symptoms and cravings most commonly associated with nicotine addiction and therefore reduces the chances of relapse.

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