Breast enlargement

As the word suggests, this procedure involves altering the size of the breast through implants in a process known as prosthesis. Here the breast’s form, texture and size are altered.

This usually takes place whenever deformities like wall congenital occur, or simply whenever one needs an augmentation of the breast, just to enhance her looks. They can also be done in a male to female gender switch.

There are three main devices used to make this work, named through the filler material used to perform the operation. One of these is saline implants. Here, an elastomeric shell is made as the covering, and is injected with a saline solution. The other one, similar to the first one has the same kind of a shell filled with viscous gel of silicon. Yet another way of doing the implant is through miscellaneous implant materials such soy oil. All these can be used depending on initial prescription by medics.

Photo: adamr/

Photo: adamr/

For males, their chest walls are done implant operations through pectoral implant material. For reconstructive surgery cases, a certain tissue expander is usually injected into the chest whenever a person decides to do a temporary reconstruction of the breast. This is yet another option for people who just need minor implants done on them.

Before agreeing to take a surgery, medics have been trained to check up on such psychological issues that might affect the patient and even if the implant might affect a person’s sexual reproduction functions. Certain statistics have shown that there might be a few negative effects of carrying out this kind of a surgery.

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