Painkillers for dogs

Sudden injuries and arthritis pain can be relieved by providing Rimadyl, Fentanyl and Deramaxx painkillers to the dogs. These medicines can also be used in the post surgical pain.

Dog is known to be a man’s best friend. The people who are fond of keeping pets are always careful about the health of their pet to keep it free of all the danger and keep it cheerful. Yet, dogs just like human beings also go through pain like knee injuries, joint pains and arthritis. Due to these problems, a dog in pain just cannot walk properly or run around, which ultimately becomes a big problem for the dog owner. To get relived from this problem, veterinarians mostly recommend painkillers for the ease of the dog and the owner as well.

Painkillers used for Dogs

Drugs can be very helpful in eliminating the pain of a dog. The most important thing is that these medicines are approved by the FDA. To get relief from the pain, these drugs are highly recommended. These painkillers help the dogs in recovering the lost energy and improving the quality of life. These painkillers are found safe for them to use. These most commonly used painkillers for dogs are mentioned below:

·     Tramadol

·     Rimadyl (Carprofen)

·     Fentanyl

·     Deramaxx


Rimadyl: This drug is anti-inflammatory (NSAID) and non- steroidal which gives maximum the relief for the dogs that are suffering from osteoarthritis and degenerative joint diseases. For the relief of the arthritis pain, Rimadyl plays an effective role.  This recommendation drug has been proved clinically to decrease irritation related to the canine arthritis. Besides the minor pains and irritation caused because of the exertion, the drug Rimadyl provides relief from the arthritis pain. This drug can help the dog in recovering the pain and become physically energetic. The dogs that were facing difficulty in walking through stairs and running due to arthritis pain can now easily do all those things with the help of Rimadyl. This medicine is available in tablet and also in injection form to help the dog in quickly getting relief from the pain. These tablets are made beef flavored for the dog to help them take it easily.

Tramadol: After any surgery, a dog can get relief from pain by taking this medicine. Any kind of post surgical pain or other pain can be relieved with the help of Tramadol. After some injury or the chronic pain occurring due to cancer in dogs can also be controlled by using Tramadol. This drug is available in capsule, liquid form and tablet form. This drug is found to be the safest and pain controlling medicine for dogs.

Deramaxx: This medicine is usually used as a dog’s arthritis medicine for the main part which is causing pain to get relief. This drug is a really good pain killer for dogs as it is very effective in controlling the irritation and pain related with the chronic osteoarthritis. Deramaxx, which is one of the painkillers used for dogs, has proved to be the best reliever to reduce the pain after any surgery. This is recommended for daily use as well. These are also beef flavored tablets and vary in dozes (25mg, 50mg and 75mg). However, this drug cannot cure the arthritis in dogs.

Fentanyl: This is used in the form of skin patches. It is one of the most effective painkillers. These skin patches are applied during the surgery to control the pain. This is very helpful in controlling the post-surgical pain. This recovers the illness very soon. These skin patches stick to the skin easily and work by managing the pain killer to the skin in a matter of three days.


Painkillers Side Effects

These painkillers can relief the pain very quickly but on the other hand , they can also leave some side effects. The side effects observed are below:

·     Diarrhea

·     Vomiting

·     Loss of appetite

·     Difficulty in breathing


Human Used Painkillers

The painkillers used by humans are not at all safe for dogs.  These painkillers are sometimes used for curing of severe pains that dogs suffer from and now there are many new formulations coming in the market which are being used for the dogs.

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