Effects of consuming alcohol and painkillers

According to the latest research, the human body cannot resist alcohol and painkillers together. There are many research conducted for this purpose that why these two chemicals cannot be used at the same time.

Basically, these painkillers are divided into two categories by the pharmaceutical companies. One is over the counter and the others can only be purchased with a prescription. There is a great misconception among the people that they can use alcohol and over the counter painkillers at the same time. You may come across the fact that most of the over the counter painkillers are likely dangerous such as the alcohol. Most of the pharmaceutical companies have mentioned that taking painkillers and alcohol at the same time is very much dangerous. Thus, the pharmaceutical companies have prohibited the use of alcohol with the painkillers. You must not take alcohol while you are taking a dose of painkillers.

Most of the patients ask the doctors to take painkillers with alcohol.  There are some categories of painkillers which are to be used with alcohol but most of the times, doctors advise the patient to not to take these medicines.  According to the medical letter on drugs and therapeutics, it has been revealed that the acetaminophen and anti-steroidal drugs are used for curing and reducing of stomach pain. But if we take these drugs with alcohol, then it would become very harmful for us and it would damage the liver. This letter also states that one should not even take alcohol too much because it is harmful for the liver enzymes and it damages the liver. This is why most of the people who drink are suffering from liver diseases. Severe liver damages are caused due to the intake of acetaminophen and alcohol together.

Photo: marin/freedigitalphotos.net

Photo: marin/freedigitalphotos.net

When it comes to the non-inflammatory and anti-steroidal drugs, you should not also use these drugs with alcohol. Basically, these painkillers are created for reducing the pain in the stomach but you should not use these drugs more often. Taking these drugs with alcohol is very much dangerous because it is would get over dosed and it would make you bleed from the gut. You can also suffer from dangerous stomach damages too. So, it has wisely been advised that if you are a heavy drinker, then you should be very much careful when you use the painkillers. This is the reason why it is said that you should not drink too much because by drinking, you would damage your liver badly and it is a very important part of the human body. You should never take alcohol and painkillers at the same time because it would make your body unstable and would directly affect your stomach and liver, which is very much dangerous.

The effects of using painkillers and alcohol at the same time are very much dangerous. If you have drunk a lot of alcohol and you are taking a painkiller over it, then it is very much dangerous because it directly affects the stomach as well as the liver. According to the latest research,, taking painkillers and alcohol at the same time has proved to be dangerous because it damages the nervous system and in some cases it also affects the respiratory system. As we know that both of these drugs are depressants and due to this fact these medicines affect the respiratory system and they slow down the oxygen. Due to this, breathing reduces and the decreasing volume of oxygen can cause severe problems. The digestive system is also affected by these two drugs. In order to stay safe and healthy, we should not use these drugs at the same time because it is harmful for almost all the enzymatic systems present in our body. These are some of the affects that are caused due to using painkillers and alcohol together. This is why doctors advise the heavy drinkers to gradually reduce drinking so that they can be cured easily with the painkillers.


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