What is asperger syndrome?

Autism itself is pervasive continual disorder that may be genetic. Little is known on what it is caused by. Statistics state that if a child in a family has it there is a likely chance that another child will get it. From autism Asperger Syndrome is gotten.

Asperger Syndrome, a type of autism, was first recognized in the 90’s by experts. Its symptoms are less stressful and mild compared to autism itself. Nonetheless it’s a condition that affects around one to two people in about 2000. The most affected individuals are boys.  However, persons diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome can still have productive and successful lives. In cases where a family gets one child diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome or autism, the chances of other children having this condition, whether to a greater or lesser degree is high.

There are factors that may contribute to possible causes of acquiring Asperger Syndrome, of which may occur during or in the aftermath of a child birth. Hopefully answers will be acquired in the near future as to what causes this disease.

Asperger Syndrome is no simple condition to treat make a diagnosis of, it is actually done through studying the patient through understanding his or her history and also examining them. There is no cure; however, people suffering from Asperger live regular lives with minimal complications.

Asperger syndrome consists of;

Decrease in societal skills. They tend to be a little bit verbal sometimes.

Resistance with change in environment

They tend to be attentive in details. They indulge in a specific topic and talk about it persistently and gradually becoming skilful with it.

They also tend to not be able to read body language i.e. they invade other person’s personal space without their knowledge.

They also have irregular cognitive skills. This can make functioning a little bit hard for them for example tackling of problems in a systematic way

They also have high IQ’s.

They have good memory of details.

Mainly logical way thought.

Factual interpretation


motor difficulty

Highly creative, e.g. studies suggest Albert Einstein was autistic as he had poor social skills but a genius in mathematics.

People with this condition tend to be successful, because of their characteristic tendency of indulgence in a particular thing and becoming proficient in it. They have been known to complete complex researches in sciences like computer science, physics as well as art and music.

Photo: imagerymajestic/freedigitalphotos.net

Photo: imagerymajestic/freedigitalphotos.net

In adults, more cases in depression and hypomania are registered.  These have lead to increase in suicide cases in these patients. They also tend to have feelings of hopelessness, which is connected to depression. In order for them not to think that they cannot recover, they are usually told that the depression they have will completely disappear. They are also informed that their minds are playing games with them. People with this syndrome often turn to suicide due to their failed relationships in both marriage and in societal settings like dating. They often feel rejected as they do not know how to socialize well due to their tendency to be verbal and insensitive to other people’s feelings.

People with Asperger syndrome also may have additional disorders such as Tourette syndrome, anorexia nervosa including others. If parents notice that their child has such symptoms of Asperger syndrome they should make sure that their child is always in a social setting where they can socialize with others.

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