Sexual addiction

With sexual addiction we can explain the hypersexuality such as sexual urges, behaviors, or thoughts that we have in extreme frequency in our thoughts. Some experts say that this is an addiction such as the addiction of alcohol and drugs and other just think that this is a form of obsessive compulsive disorder and also, we have experts that think sex addiction is only a myth of a cultural influence.

For some sex addicts, there is nothing more than compulsive masturbation or the extensive use of pornography, but for other can involves activities such as voyeurism, child molestation, obscene phone calls or rape.

The statistics say that about 55 percent of convicted sex offenders are actually a sex addicts and about 77 percent child molesters can be sex addicts. Society accepted the sex offenders for a people who need dominance, power, and control of revenge or expression of anger.

Photo: imagerymajestic/

Photo: imagerymajestic/

The increasing of the sexual provocation lead us to individual engaging such as phone sex or computer pornography and more of these people are looking for someone to help them. But, don’t confuse this with the sexual activity because, sexual activity unlike the drugs or alcohol addiction is different, normal and necessary for human survival even though some people are celibate and others not by choice, every healthy human have a strong desire for sex. In fact, the low sex interest can indicate a medical problem or psychiatric illness.

It’s healthy to have sex in normal amounts but, be careful with your thoughts and fantasies, even if they seems to be harmless, there is always a possibility to be sex addict or even participate in the “sex offenders” rehabilitation group.

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