Gambling addiction

Are you gambling addict? Do you know what that is? Gambling addiction is referring to mental-health a condition that is understood such as one of many kinds of impulse-control problems a person may suffer from. This type of addiction is not based only for poker but, betting sports, slot machines, buying lotto tickets or roulette.

These are only a few games that can be played and be addicted to. These types of games are available in the casino or the internet and it’s also called compulsive gambling. As men were leading in the gambling addiction, women are developing this disorder as highest rates.

Other interesting fact we can mention is, most of the men are addicted and started playing these games while they were teenagers unlike the women, which they tend to develop with this type of games later.

When we are talking about gambling addiction, this generally involves more than one symptom and less than five symptoms required to be in the pathological gambling.

If we are trying to obtain an appropriate treatment, it requires a complete physical and psychological evaluation of the person sine some medical condition might be the cause, but there is a special diagnostic evaluation about this subject and questions such as: How much time do you think about gambling per day? How old were you when you start to gamble? What do you do to finance your gambling? These are some of the questions we can are available to us about the gambling addiction. Control yourself, you can play and gamble, but do it carefully and think about the consequences. A lot of people lost their houses and families because of this addiction.

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