Are you informed about Autism? Well, Autism is a term for describing a group of complex brain disorders know as PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorders) which characterized with impaired social interaction by restricted and repetitive behavior. We can meet this signs in the child before three years by affecting the information processing in the brain and altering by how nerve cells and their synapses connect and organize and the worst part is, we still don’t understand how it is happening.

The doctors still don’t what causes Autism but, there are options such as: multiple genetic components that may cause this brain disorder on their own and exposure to undetermined environmental factors. The symptoms gradually begin after six months of the baby’s birth and they are established by age of two or maybe three years old.

The unusual social development is becoming apart early in the childhood by characteristics such as: smile and look at others less often and even respond less to their name.

Children that are suffering from high-functioning autism and more frequent loneliness and they always want to be alone. By this, we can see that they can’t maintain friendships and about third to a half of the individuals are not developing natural speech so we can see differences in the communication, unusual gestures, and diminished responsiveness and not synchronized vocal patterns with the caregiver. Unlike other similar brain disorders such as Parkinson’s, this one doesn’t have unifying mechanism at either the cellular, molecular or systems level.

This is a strange disease which we can’t find its solution and this is just a little bit of this long subject. We don’t want this to any child in this world.

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