Relaxation through foot massage

Yes, the foot massage is the best and most calming method of relaxation you can perform to anyone you like because it’s easy to learn.

The study of foot massage is reflexology or pressure therapy that obviously involves focused pressure to known reflex points to cure or prevent some c. Basically, we are talking about reflex points that are going from our feet to the brain encompassing all vital organs on the way. Everyone needs a foot massage because, the feet are the hardest working parts of the human body, and they keep up your weight all day but, the most important of them all is: it feels good. Although there are some other benefits of the foot massage except the basic one.

If we take as an example the reflex therapy, we will learn that by rubbing the feet and manipulating with their areas, a healing can occur. Another benefit we know is the release of stress.

Photo: satit_srihin/

Photo: satit_srihin/

Studies were performed on patients of heart surgery that showed us a significant decrease of the stress in their hearts after feet massage and by this, we can see that the foot massage is not good only for releasing a stress, but better health as well.

Have you wondered who can do Foot massage? It’s best to be by qualified therapists because; this is a therapy that harmonizes the energies of body and mind, releasing healing forces with easing the pain and prevent from stress. In this massage we can find elements such as: touching, stretching and twisting so the best is to be performed by an expert in this particular area. The foot massage patients experience feelings of relaxation, happiness, peace of mind, flexibility and youthfulness.

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