How to perform a foot massage

The feet are the part of the body that we use the most but unfortunately, they are also the part of the body that most of us take care of the least. A foot massage is a great and effective way to give them the top-notch care and treatment that they deserve.

To start with, soak your feet in some warm water for approximately 10  minutes. This helps to clean your feet and at the same time keeping them warm. If you like, you may add some scented oils for the additional benefit of aromatherapy. After 10 minutes of soaking, dry them with a towel.

The atmosphere for the foot massage should be as relaxed as you can get it so that at this stage, you may sit back and just relax. Have your feet up to facilitate better circulation and as one of your feet is being massaged, keep the other one wrapped warmly. Stretch the foot slowly and regularly up, down and around to flex it especially around the  ankle.

Then, apply pressure on your foot with both of your hands. To do this effectively, start at the toes and when you have massaged until your ankles, massage back downward in the same squeezing motion. Next, use the tips of your fingers to apply pressure to the skin all around the foot in circular motions. This helps to enhance circulation and leave your feet feeling energized. Be thorough and cover every part of your foot for best results. Finally, massage each of your toes individually and thoroughly. This should leave your feet feeling not only cleaner but fresher and less-abused as well.

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