Reiki healing

Most of the people don’t know what exactly the Reiki is; basically Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique that manipulates energy and uses it at different levels with the major intention to heal, restore health, mend and most importantly makes you well. This healing process can be achieved from the energy centers located throughout the spine. Reiki healing process is one of the most comfortable processes which give your body a great harmony.

Reiki treatment is widely used today for healing various forms of diseases like cancer, multiple sclerosis and autoimmune etc. most of the patients take the best result from its treatment. Reiki treatment is also used to overcome emotional and mental problems.

Let us take a look on the basic treatments of the Reiki which will help you to overcome many problems. The method of treatment is based on the seven chakras which human bodies have.

Photo: stockimages/

Photo: stockimages/

Generally man gets sick when any of these chakras got blocked, to clean these chakras with the help of Reiki’s 1 degree and 2 degrees. These are used to give distant treatment and self treatment. When these two degrees get over, the phase of master degree comes into play. For some common disease, three days process will be best and for chronic disease minimum of 21 days of healing is necessary. Some basic techniques which are used is Chanting Mantras, Dowsing, Crystal and Pyramids. These are very much effective healing processes which provide the best treatments.

If Reiki treatment is followed as per instruction this will help in giving the best healing which will help a person to overcome the problems.

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