TransLase is a similar treatment as ELSA and the vast majority of vision problems identified. TransLase differs from previous finishes by all parts made by laser. Most studies show that this is a very safe treatment when treating only the corneal surface. This means that even people with thin corneas can undergo a visual defect processing.

One should avoid using soft contact lenses a week before the treatment, as well as eye make-up days before and on treatment days. It is inappropriate to use TransLase method during pregnancy. It is also recommended  that in this case to delay treatment to a month after the end of lactation. It is also inappropriate to treat people with fever or ongoing infection with antibiotic therapy.

After the treatment, during the first 2-3 days the eye is light sensitive, chafing and tears easily. Symptoms can be relieved by dark sunglasses or pain pills. Days 4-5 after treatment, one should avoid excess dust. One should also be careful with eye makeup the first two weeks and avoid outdoor and swimming pool for a month. To shower or bathe in tap water is permissible.

Photo: marin/

Photo: marin/

TransLase have been performed worldwide and few complication risks have occurred. However these few reported cases of infection after laser treatment are treated successfully in the usual manner with antibiotics. In addition, the eyes can be for a period perceived as somewhat drier  but this is corrected with moisturizing eye drops.

In order to achieve results follow up treatment is recommended.

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