The effectiveness of laser surgery

Laser surgery is a method to correct the poor vision which involves the procedural removal of corneal tissue. The device for doing this surgery is a laser that reshapes the cornea to change the focusing power of the eye. This reshaping is expected to create perfect vision.

The success of this treatment depends on the extent of vision impairment. Consultation with a laser technician is a must to determine the success levels of this treatment. The technician will do a scanning of the eyes to find out any defects in the components of the eye and will do the correction accordingly.

The main target of this procedure is cornea. The surgeon will make an incision in the cornea and will direct the laser towards the cornea to change its shape so that the focusing is perfect. When the laser comes in contact with the tissues of the cornea, a minute part of it will be vaporized. An experienced technician can control the position, number and size of the light pulse and produce the desired effect.

This procedure is considered to be safe and effective. The common risk associated with this procedure is under-correction and over-correction of the cornea. The result may vary from only improved vision to perfect vision. Some times multiple treatments may be needed to get the perfect vision.

This is a great method to improve all kinds of impaired vision. Consultation about the various risk factors of this procedure should be done before taking the treatment.

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