PRK laser surgery for perfect vision

One of the most common types of LASER surgery is photorefractive keratectomy or PRK. This surgery came into existence in the early 1980s. An excimer laser is used in this corrective vision surgery that is performed both on young as well as older people who suffer from symptoms of short sightedness and long sightedness.

A cool ultraviolet laser beam is used to remove the tiny bits that stick to the surface of the cornea in a bid to reshape the cornea. If the cornea is reshaped in the proper way, the light will be more focused on the eye causing a person to have better vision than before

PRK is an ambulatory medical procedure. So, a person undergoing the surgery just needs to walk in for the procedure, complete the same in a few minutes and walk out of the clinic with better vision.

Photo: stockimages/

Photo: stockimages/

It is only very occasional that a doctor will administer mild oral sedative before the operation. Most of the people will not feel any pain during this eye procedure. Most of the doctors advise the patient to rest for a few minutes before letting them go home.

It is advisable for the patient not to drive a car and rest in his or her home for a few hours before continuing unfinished business. Proper checking of the eye by the eye surgeon is a must to find whether the epithelium is healing or not. So, frequent visits to the doctor after the PRK medical procedure are absolutely essential.

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