Intralase – the latest development in LASIK

IntraLase is a company producing lasers for the medical industry and for eye surgeries. This company is based at Irvine in California. This company was acquired by Advanced Medical Optics in March 2007.

The Femtosecond laser which is developed by the IntraLase Corporation is now owned by Advanced Medical Optics Company and is trademarked under the name intraLase. This is now used to perform the latest IntraLASIK eye surgery for correcting eye problems. They are the world wide leaders in this technology. The normal LASIK procedure requires a mechanical device which has a blade attached to it for using in the process. The new technique does not require blades. This procedure makes only a much thinner corneal flap compared to LASIK procedure.

The defective vision can be corrected with out using blades with the help of this technology. There are no problems of distortion or any other complications associated with this method.  Patients having short sightedness and long sightedness can be benefited by this method.

IntraLase was introduced in UK in the year 1998. This technique has made many advances after that. This method helps the patient to get 20: 20 vision after undergoing the procedure. The major achievement of this technique is that it is comparatively more accurate than the normal LASIK which uses the blade.

Earlier it is believed that LASIK was the safest and fastest way to correct vision problems. But now IntraLase has replaced the LASIK with its perfectness and error free vision correcting procedure.

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