How does the LASEK procedure work?

One of the latest and most advanced technology of vision correcting procedures is the LASEK eye procedure. This eye surgery is performed on people who have very thin cornea. Most of the refractive eye surgeons go for this type of vision correction procedure.

However, eyes that undergo this procedure will take more time to heal and the also result in few discomforting moments for the patient.

A patient who undergoes LASEK surgery will first be administered local anesthesia. The surgeon will then cut the outer layer of the cornea using trephine, a fine blade.

Photo: Apple's Eyes Studio/

Photo: Apple’s Eyes Studio/

In order to loosen the edges of the cornea, a diluted alcoholic solution is used by surgeon to cover the eye for about half a minute. After wiping away this liquid, the surgeon slowly lifts the edge of the cornea flap with the help of a tiny hoe and folds it out of the way. Then the excimer laser that is used in LASIK procedure works on the cornea underneath to perform corrective procedure. Once this is done, a spatula is use to place the removed epithelial flap back on the cornea.

The LASEK procedure will result in slow vision recovery in a patient and the flap edge will heal in a day or two. An irritation of the eye will be seen for the first couple of days after the surgery. Complete vision will be reinstated in about 4 to 7 days. The risk and complications of dry eye will be very less in LASEK eye procedure than the LASIK eye surgery procedure.

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