Facts about astigmatism

Astigmatism is a condition whereby different focus is experienced by the eye when rays communicate and come together on dual planes which are perpendicular to one another. This causes everything the individual looks at to acquire a blurry appearance because the retinal focus is not sharp enough. This condition is usually caused by a curve on the cornea which is not regular.

It is a condition which affects the refractive ability of the eye and may also manifest itself in an individual seeing shapes at certain distances as being distorted. There are various types of astigmatism. These are; myopic, hyperopic and mixed. Nevertheless, the symptoms stretch across the board for all three.

One should get tested for astigmatism if you experience the following; prolonged eye strain and headaches especially when you have been reading or focusing your vision on something for an extended period of time, squinting in order to see more clearly and also, vision that is blurred instead of clear, sharp and focused.

This is no cause for panic however as astigmatism can effectively be corrected by the use of eyeglasses, contact lenses or even surgery if you prefer a more permanent solution. It is a highly occurring condition and is seen in everybody to some extent. It can be passed on through genetics and is usually present even when the individual is born. However, it can also be an acquired characteristic whereby it comes about due to poor posture, pressure applied on the cornea by the eyelids and even as a result of putting one’s eyes to too much close and strenuous work.

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