Correct your vision using ICL

Implantable contact lenses are used to correct the defects of the eye by implanting an inter- ocular lens. This implant is done over the natural lens of the eye by keeping them intact. This is similar to cataract surgery. In this method the natural lens is in its place so the natural focusing ability of the eye will not be affected. This is a permanent fixture and there is no need of maintenance procedures like ordinary contact lenses. This method can be used in patients with long sightedness as well as with short sightedness.

The patients who cannot take LASIK or LASEK procedures are considered for this procedure. It is also possible to remove this implant. Till date only one ICL has received the approval of FDA. Many more methods are waiting to get the approval.

ICL work in combination with your eye and helps to focus. The ICL should have the same focusing power of that of your eye. There is no need to reshape the cornea by the doctors. They only need to make a small incision and inject a lens that corrects the vision problem.

Photo: stockimages/

Photo: stockimages/

This implant surgery is painless and can be completed within 20 minutes. The result of the surgery is immediate and the patient can resume normal activities within one or two days. There are no serious complications that will happen by this procedure.

People who want to avoid reading glasses can opt for this procedure. Extreme nearsighted and farsighted also can opt for this method.

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