Aspheric laser treatment

Aspheric laser treatment is a procedure which is used in the treatment of myopia. This treatment more commonly occurs in the form of a surgery of either the refractive or lens nature and studies are continually conducted to investigate and determine whether the treatment is not only effective but safe as well. Laser eye surgeons continue to give it serious consideration as a revolutionary treatment.

For the procedure to be effective and safe, utmost care has to be taken in choosing the surgeon for the job. Ensure that it is a person that you can trust to do an excellent job and one who has a clear understanding and experience on the same. The first thing that is done in aspheric laser treatment is that eye drops are applied to your eye in order to numb it. A flap of corneal tissue is then created. This flap should be thin and its creation is done using the microkeratome. The resultant flap is then folded towards the side with the laser being used here to shape the area of the cornea which has now been exposed. The re-shaping is done with utmost care.

After the surgery, ideally, one should be able to go back to their normal schedules even as soon as 24 hours later! The patient recovers his vision at an even higher scale in no time at all. This is usually experienced within the first 48 hours after the aspheric laser treatment has been performed. Follow up visits to the doctor should however not be ignored or taken lightly.

Photo: Salvatore Vuono/

Photo: Salvatore Vuono/

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