The Montignac diet

The montignac diet was first used in England through the invention of a formerly overweight Frenchman. Coming from a family of an overweight father, Michael montignac who was a pharmacist at the time of developing the diet was searching for a way in which overweight people would lose weight and maintain the new size while eliminating the risks of heart failure and diabetes. The montignac diet is not your typical dieting plan where someone decreases their food intake but a conscious way of lifestyle change where the food you eat is carefully selected and analyzed.

The montignac diet has been divided into two phases one to be carried out before the other. The first phase is aimed at losing weight and this is done by consuming the good carbohydrates, which are those that have been found to have a GI of 35 or lower and to eat large portions of proteins from legumes and sea foods. It is recommended however that for people with kidney disease to seek doctors approval before they start on this diet. The second phase of this diet is aimed at maintaining the weight loss as well as preventing diseases related to large body weight. In this phase of the montignac diet the limit on the type of carbohydrates to take is eliminated and all types of carbohydrates are encouraged. The diet plan encourages dieters to have three meals a day and snacks in between. Recipes and food combinations that are filling without someone having to eat a lot of food are encouraged. Although a lot of critics have challenged the intake of carbohydrates a way of losing weight, all the tests and research as carried out by montignac have stood the tests of their concept. The scientists against this method also challenge the use of the GI to assess the quality of carbohydrates because according to them the GI changes once the food has been cooked and is also changed by the foods mixed with the carbohydrate while cooking. Despite all this negative comments on the montignac diet its success rate has been witnessed in many parts of Europe where it has been accepted really well by the population. The diet is nowadays available in over 25 languages and is on sale in over 42 of the world’s countries. The montignac diet has also in its achievements the number 3 slot in the world’s most successful die plans.

Photo:  BrianHolm/

Photo: BrianHolm/

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