South Beach and lowering your cholesterol

The South Beach Diet was created with an aim of lowering cholesterol, which is the main cause of heart diseases. The main aim of the diet is to have whole carbohydrates and the good fats. This diet was created by Agatston who explains that by taking refined carbohydrates has a tendency of one getting hungry fast as compared to a person taking unprocessed rich foods like the whole grains, legumes and vegetable which is a constituent of the Southern Beach Diet. This is so because the refined carbohydrates like the highly refined sugars and grain products are digested fast causing a sudden increase in the blood sugar.

The southern beach works to reduce the bad fats which include the Trans fats and the saturated fats from the body. They are the major cause of heart diseases and increasing the levels of the bad cholesterol in the system also known as LDL Cholesterol. The southern beach diet on the other hand has the good fats that are unsaturated and are rich in omega 3 essential amino acids which are responsible for increasing the HDL cholesterol. The good fats are found in consuming foods like seeds, lean meat and fish. It discourages the consumption of poultry and red met which contain high levels of the unwanted fats.

The southern Beach Diet is divided into three parts, with each part aiming to accomplish a particular goal at a certain period of time. Each part is designed to eliminate particular foods to achieve the set goal of each phase in a given time.

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This is also known as the first phase. It aims to eliminate all the refined carbohydrates in one’s diet. This includes foods that are rich in refined sugars, processed vegetables and fruits, soft drinks with an aim of eliminating excessive hunger which leads to over indulging in foods. The end results of is to suppress hunger and lose the excessive weight.

Part two

The second phase of the southern beach diet introduces a healthy diet which includes whole grains, vegetables and fruits. In both phases refined foods are avoided.

Part three of the southern Beach diet

I call it the adaptation stage. This phase t is supposed to last a life time, the dieters are expected to understand the importance of each face and the reason for eliminating the different kinds of food. Then they are to use it as a guide to healthy living.

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