Losing those extra pounds with the GI-diet

The GI diet also known Glycemic Index is used for evaluating the affect of all the foods that are consumable, to the blood sugar. Foods are have found to have very high measures of GI have a tendency of raising the blood sugar within a short time and cause a sudden drop of the blood sugar within a very short time too. The different foods GI effect varies from individuals.

By consuming foods that are very high in Glycemia Index means that you will have the urge of eating sooner than you might have thought and also insulin which is also known as the fat hormone will be released pretty quick into your blood sugar. This hormone will convert any excess energy to fat. This is a great contributor to weight gain. When one is on a high GI diet it is very hard for them to lose weight.

By consuming foods that are very low in GI, one is in a better position to lose weight faster and efficiently. Reason being, one is in control of their cravings which is caused by the sudden fall of glucose levels in the blood. One avoids over indulging in food through over eating. So by consuming foods that are low in starch and calories them this means that you are in a better position to lose weight effectively.

Photo: stockimages/freedigitalphotos.net

Photo: stockimages/freedigitalphotos.net

The low glycemic index foods are greatly incorporated in the southern beach diet this is because they are digested at a very slow rate. The advantage of losing weight while following the Glycemic Index diet is, one does not need to eliminate a particular food from their diet. But instead, one is advised to monitor their blood sugar levels while consuming particular kinds of foods as individuals, this is because the effect of foods to individuals varies from one person to the other.

Some common high Glycemic Index foods include the very highly refined foods and foods that have too much starch. Getting your carbohydrates sources form whole grained food stuffs and plant is a simpler way to start. Avoiding energy drinks and soft drinks will go a long way in avoiding High GI food stuffs especially if you are aiming at losing weight or maintaining one’s weight. This diet is generally used by persons with diabetes to maintain steady sugar levels at all times.

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