Living longer with the stone age diet – an oxymoron?

The Stone Age diet also known as the Paleolithic diet was what the people from long time ago feed on. Their diet mainly consisted of meat and fish, roots barks, vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts. After research was done it proved that people from the past did not suffer from diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart diseases or cancer’s, was just a group of great healthy people. So the Stone Age diet offers the best diet for healthy people. With research carried out, most of the diseases that people are suffering from are caused by their life style and what they feed on.

The Stone Age diet states that the consumption of carbohydrates has a direct relationship with fatigue. And so carbohydrates are best consumed in the evening as the last meal of the day because it assists in sleeping. Proteins and vegetables are best consumed during the day. This is the order that the Stone Age diet takes. The presence of additives and chemical components in today’s meals are the main reason people experience slow metabolism, reasons being the additives inhibit the enzymes and it functionality. Foods that contain chemicals and other components that are not natural should be avoided.

The consumption of food products from animals i.e. dairy products, grains, yeast and other harmful substances in our bodies bring about allergies. These allergies being the main cause of asthma, arthritis, fatigue, mood swings irritable bowel movement, headaches and allergic muscles. Poor digestion of food that is caused by the our common diets causes food not to get digested accordingly and ends up causing fermentation  in the digestive system which contribute to the above symptoms.

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The stone age diet, is composed of a very unique diet that has food that have low sugars and protein   being consumed during the day and the high carbohydrate foods being consumed in the night. This diet helps one keep off foods that ferment easily, foods that have additives and chemicals. The Stone Age diet should be followed through as a way of life. Foods to be avoided during the day include, Diluted fruits juice, Dried fruits, Rice and potatoes, high carbohydrate foods, Arrowroot flour, Mixture of nuts and seed. Drinks that are allowed during the day in the Stone Age diet include water and herbal teas.

The Stone Age diet warns that any diet that constitutes high levels of sugar because it interferes with the liver’s insulin production.

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