Liposuction by laser

Before you know about liposuction by laser, first you should know what is liposuction? Liposuction is a type of cosmetic surgery in which extra fat from a person’s body is removed by the sucking process.

Liposuction by laser is also called laser lipo. Laser lipo is easy as compared to normal liposuction surgery. In laser lipo, tumescent technique is used which reduces swelling and involves some or no blood loss. Very small cannulas are used in laser lipo which reduce the risk of infection. These cannulas need tinniest of incisions. Laser lipo also promotes skin tightening from where extra fat is being sucked. In laser lipo technique, very small instruments are used for incisions which mean no scars.

Laser lipo is easy and safe. There is a mild pain patient can feel with laser lipo but are given medicines to overcome it.  This technique is effective for both men and women. Laser lipo not only tightens your skin, but also improves body contour. Liposuction done by laser does not require nay type of stitches. No drugs like anesthesia are given to the patients. So, patients remain awaken during the surgery. And they walk out of the clinic or hospital after a short time of surgery and can continue their normally routine work within the same week.

Photo: Ambro/

Photo: Ambro/

There are also some side effects of liposuction by laser such as temporary numbness, swelling and bruising.

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