LCHF and stomach fat

This initials stand for low carbs high fat. This means that one need to consume less carbohydrate with high proportions of fat. The concept of consuming all foods and keeping of carbohydrates and starches is the solution to losing weight. The LCHF diet is considered to be a very effective way of losing weight and at the same time the diet is good for controlling the blood sugar level.

The Low Carb, High Fat diet encourages the consumption of animals products like meat, eggs , there is the fish and the vegetables that grow above the ground because they are considered to have less starch. For the animal products it’s important to choose from the ones that have been bread by feeding on organic feeds. For as long as they are of high fat content then you are on the right track. When one is on this diet, foods that are very high in sugars and starch are eliminated. So foods like rice, potatoes, bread, and pasta are to be avoided completely.

Carbohydrates are not an option in this diet because they are broken down and absorbed into the blood immediately causing a rise in the blood sugars that led’s to the production of insulin whose main purpose is to convert the extra glucose into fat. Fat is the only way our bodies can store energy, and ufortunately the capacity of fat stored in our bodies is enormous. This eventually is the cause of having a sweet tongue. One ends up feeling hungry and what they crave for is so unhealthy for their system. The LCHF diet encourages the use of minimal carbs which is good for having stabilized sugar levels in the blood and so the insulin produced by the pancreas into the blood is very minimal.

Photo: Ohmega1982/

Photo: Ohmega1982/

The low carbohydrate and high fat intake diet concept works by encouraging the body to break down the stored fat which becomes the source of the body fuel. Without high carb diet the amount of fat stored in the body is very minimal. This works well around the tummy hence anyone looking to lose the extra fat stored around your tummy should apply this concept to their diet. Due to the stable glucose levels in the blood the cravings are kept off. The fats tend to keep people fuller for a longer period hence in this diet concept there is no over indulging in eating.

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