BodyJet liposuction

Also called water liposuction, body jet liposuction is the latest technique used in liposuction. This procedure uses fluid spray to wash away fat. Developed in Germany, it is a simple cosmetic procedure that was developed to reduce complications associated with traditional forms of surgery.


During the procedure, a special solution is applied into the body which loosens and sucks out the fat. Unlike with other types of liposuction, the tumescent solution is removed as soon as the patient is satisfied with the results. This means that the solution is not left for too long and does not penetrate into the body. Fewer medications are needed .This is much safer and results can be seen immediately. This procedure does not leave bruises and the tissue does not swell like with other forms of surgery. This means that the patient can admire the results and feel the smoothness immediately.

The advantage of this form of procedure is that complications that arise due to nerves and blood vessels being damaged by tumescent infiltration can be avoided. The procedure can be done under local anesthesia and is completed in just a matter of hours. The body shaping requires less manual pressure when removing the fat. There is less pain and this means quicker recovery and shorter hospital stays.

Photo: arztsamui/

Photo: arztsamui/

With body jet liposuction, the doctor is able to assess the patient’s progress more accurately during the procedure. This means the quality of the cosmetic procedure is higher.

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