Atkins – reduce your carbs

The Atkins diet aims to reduce or completely eliminate the use of refined carbohydrates from one’s diet and instead be composed of protein and vegetables. This diet aims at starving the body off any extra glucose which is the main cause of sudden blood sugar fluctuations. Excess glucose is finally stored as fat, hence increasing the level of fat in one’s body system. Dr. Atkins the founder of this diet says that the only way of getting your body to start burning down fats as a source of energy is by eliminating carbs.

Since any ant extra glucose is stored as fat, the Aitkin’s diet discourages the consumption of excess carbohydrates because, after one taking a carb snack or meal it is immediately digested and is soon absorbed into the blood. The body stops burning the excess fats in the body hence causing retention of fat. Our bodies have the ability to store up so much fat hence the more glucose that is gotten into the blood stream the higher the amount of fat that is stored into our body system. And with this the weight keeps going higher and higher.

The Atkins diet encourages the consumption of vegetables, protein, complex carbohydrates and natural fruits. They contain great levels of carbohydrates that are sources of energy. When one takes a diet that is rich in the above foods, the amount of insulin released into the blood is very minimal. They also contain high amounts of fiber and hence the level of conversion of the foods to glucose is much slower and this does not cause a sudden rise in the blood sugar but maintains a steady level of glucose levels in the blood. The chances of one having cravings from the sugars is very minimal and the rate at which one gets hungry too.

Photo: Stuart Miles/

Photo: Stuart Miles/

The Atkins diet encourages the metabolism of fat because in the real since the fats are stored in the body as excess energy. This accounted for the main reason for our ancestors surviving in times of famine and when there was no source of food. The Atkins diet states that taking fats is not a risk factor to one’s health. It becomes risky when the body’s ability to burn it as a source of energy. This is done when people decide to indulge in consuming foods that are high in carbohydrates.

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