Stress and biology

The failure in an organism turns to Stress. This term is suitable for both, biology, and in an organism. The failure of organism could make many differences with a human being, animal, and plants. But, for the human being stress could be removed without any medicine. The stress could affect all the regular activities of a human. Affected patient would not be interested in his regular duties. He would be feeling lonely. He may not be interested in any subject. Even many people do not go to bed, and sleep when they have a Stress.

Isolated feeling would be realized when people have this Stress. There are many physical exercises available to them to make the organism in to the order. Once they do the physical exercise regularly, the stress could be completely avoided. The pills and other medicines could solve this problem. At the same time, it is not advisable to have medicines for this problem. The problem is purely temporary. The patient would be affected with this problem maximum one to four hours. After four hours, the patient would be normal. Relaxing also, could avoid the problem.

Stress is also recognized as a psychological problem. Many people do not compromise with their regular activities. If they need to compromise, with their schedule they feel Stress. For an example, a person is sitting, and doing his works a chair. And he needs to adjust with a different chair for the day. He gets this problem. They could avoid by relaxing their mind with some entertainment, or by playing games. Many people believe stress is removed by smoking a cigarette. Actually, nothing connected with smoking a cigarette or marijuana.

David Castillo Dominici/

David Castillo Dominici/

Many people get this problem due to over alcohol drinks. During the sober, they enjoy the sober, but in the morning, they feel stress due to the excess of alcohol. These people could avoid this problem by consuming limited alcohol. The limit is only with the person who is drinking, some people could manage the limit even up to twenty begs of whisky. Some people could drink more than thirty cups of wine. Alcohol is a drink which varies in reaction person to person. However, the controlling alcohol is good for the health, and to remove the stress completely. Worries and tires also bring this problem. Worries free human being is not in the world; even a saint would be worried about his devotees.

People with regular exercises, they don’t feel stress at all. At the same time, when they need to attend some other important work, and they miss their jogging or walking for the day, they feel stress. So, it is clearly understood that the person should follow the very same thing every day. And every moment, if he happens to miss his schedules due to any reason. The stress would be there for him. Although the stress is identified as failure in organism, it is also with the human being to avoid in a natural way, instead of going for medicines, and smoking, or drinking.

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